Mr. Campbell

James Campbell


Admin. Intern
Jamie Moon

Mission Statement

"Learning First!  Exploring New Worlds"
The purpose of Endeavour Elementary is to promote the mission of learning first for all.  To accomplish our purpose, we will support priority skills for every student in every grade level in the areas of reading, writing, math, and technology with science integrated throughout. We also promote civic responsibility and accountability through school wide procedures and positive behavior reinforcement.  

Contact Information


Office Manager: Maggie Evans


Main Office: 801-402-0400
Attendance: 801-402-0406
Fax:  801-402-0401

Office Hours:  8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Facilities Manager: Austin Johnson

Austin Johnson

School Directory

Endeavour Elementary License Report 2022-2023

  • This school employs individuals holding an LEA-specific educator license and/or endorsement.
  • An explanation of the types of educator licenses issued by USBE can be found here:
  • As of 01/15/2023, this school employs educators with the following types of licensures:
    • Professional License - 97.14%
    • Associate License - 0%
    • LEA-specific License - 2.86%
    • Not USBE Qualified - 0%
  • Individual educator credentials are public information and may be found here: