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School Library Mission Statement

Our students will grow in their love for reading, become confident researchers, and be kind and helpful citizens.

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  • The planetarium will be up and running at Endeavour the weeks of Sept 30-Oct 4 and Oct 7-11!  



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Library Information

Library Information

Policies and Guidelines

Endeavour Elementary Media Center Guidelines

Library Procedures

Kindergarten students are allowed to check out 1 book at a time.  Students in grades 1 - 4 may check out 2 books.   Students in 5th & 6th grade may check out 3 books.  Books may be checked out for a 2 week period.  Books can be renewed for longer use if there is no waiting list for the title. 

Lost or damaged book fines must be paid for by the parent.  Replacement books will not be accepted.

Refund Policy

Losing a book is no fun. If your student loses a library book, they will be required to pay for it.
We do not accept replacement books, as most often our books have library bindings which are more costly than what you can find on Amazon.
We do not offer refunds if a book is found. Processing refunds takes up precious time and resources at both the school and district level. This also allows for faster re-ordering and processing. If you find a book after you have paid for it, it is yours to keep.

Library Helpers

Library Helpers will be selected from the 5th grade classes via application process.  Helpers will miss one recess per week to assist in the library.   Carrying out duties in a responsible manner will ensure that helpers keep their job throughout the school year.  

General criteria for the selection of books

Materials selected for the library will support the district curriculum and offer a variety of subjects in various formats.  They will also provide recreational reading for the school community.  Materials will be selected for their accuracy, balanced views, and timeliness.

Criteria for specific book areas

Picture books, fiction, and nonfiction will include a variety of literature for varying ages, developmental/maturity levels of the entire student population.  Due to the high cost of repair, paperback books will not be purchased unless there is no other binding available or if the title is in high demand. 


Materials donated to the library are appreciated and will be dealt with at the discretion of the Media Specialist.  Items not used in the library may be given to teachers to enhance classroom libraries, or given to a recycling vendor.

Evaluation of the collection

Follett Library Resources has a collection management tool that will analyze the current library collection against grade-appropriate Follett Library Resources core collections.  The data from this source will help determine what materials should be purchased to expand the collection.

Selection aids 

Publishers’ catalogs will be used to see what is new in the market.  Review journals will be used to narrow down the list of possible selections.  Materials selected for purchase will have at least two positive reviews and will span age/developmental/maturity levels for the entire library community.  New releases that have not yet been reviewed may be purchased at the discretion of the Library Media Specialist.

Selection criteria for audiovisual and electronic formats

Davis School District provides audiovisual content through the Safari Montage program.

Davis School District provides Overdrive Digital Library Catalog for eBook and audio book checkout. 

Davis School District subscribes to Pioneer Online Library Collection.  Various electronic formats are available through this site.  Ebooks will be selected to support the district curriculum and will be available for students, their families and school staff. 

De-selection  (Weeding)

In order to maintain an attractive and up-to-date collection, all materials will be evaluated for de-selection.   Materials may be removed from the collection for being out dated, inaccurate, damaged, duplicate, unused, or no longer part of the curriculum.  Award winning or heavily circulated materials that are damaged or worn out may be replaced at the librarian’s discretion when funding is available.

Materials removed from the collection will have their barcode and spine labels removed.  They may be donated to teachers, recycled, or disposed of through the school trash system.

Request for reconsideration of materials – Parental Restriction

Davis School District has approved a reconsideration policy for any complaints regarding collection holdings.  The policy and forms can be obtained from any Library Media Specialist or the District Library Media Supervisor. 

Parents have to right to restrict their child from checking out specific materials.  Forms for restriction can be found in the library.  

The School Library Advisory Committee and the School Collection Evaluation Committee exist to promote and assist with library programs, uphold and approve policies, and assist in reconsideration procedures at the school level. The Evaluation Committee consists of an odd number of voting members, not less than five, and may include an administrator, teacher, parent representative, and student representative. The Media Specialist chairs the committees.




School Library Events

The planetarium will be up and running at Endeavour the weeks of Sept 30-Oct 4 and Oct 7-11!  

Book Lists and Reviews

Library Standards

The Library Media DESK focuses and prioritizes the reading and information literacy skills that students need to know and be able to use to help them read and research effectively in all subjects and with a variety of technologies.

Elementary DESK
K-5 Elementary Library Media Standards and Scope and Sequence 

Secondary DESK Standards
6-12 Secondary Library Media Standards  
Utah State Board of Education Library Media Standards

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