Principal Message

Mr. Campbell

James Campbell

Hello Endeavour Elementary!!

Welcome back to another year filled with learning and fun at Endeavour Elementary! I am so excited to be back this year and to have a new assistant principal Amber Hansen. She comes to us from Heritage Elementary where she taught 1st &6th grade. 

We will continue to be committed to excellence in education, knowing that all children can learn, that individuals learn in different ways. We know that success in school can add to a child’s feeling of self-worth and long-term success.  We want each child to succeed, to be motivated, challenged, and grow in academic ability within a personalized learning environment, while becoming more self-confident, respecting themselves, and showing good citizenship towards others. 

We are hoping to add some new activities this year, watch for these to come out as the year continues.  

I live in Farmington with my family: my wife, Ashley and our three kids-a 6th grader, 4th grader, and a toddler. My wife was a 2nd grade teacher before we started our family- we truly have a passion for education in our home. I enjoy spending time with my family and enjoy watching my older two play sports throughout the year. I enjoyed reading, traveling, and camping with family and friends during our breaks from school.

 As principal, I hope to continue to earn your trust and friendship. I will do my best to take care of your students as if they were my own. I will listen, try to understand, and act fairly. I strongly believe that children deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of the situation. I want everyone to feel comfortable reaching out to me with questions or concerns. Here is my email for now, and hopefully when I am at the school more consistently, I will be able to meet everyone in person.

Thank you!

James Campbell